Do your teams need help with:

  • Change management?
  • Strategic planning?
  • Service excellence?
  • Organizational design?
  • Dispute resolution?
  • Innovative thinking?

Bring customized learning modules right into your workplace. Chisel can produce a learning program that is just right for your team’s needs. Our approach is based on the best academic research, with  applied methods that teams can use immediately.

Here is a list of courses already created and available for immediate delivery:

Promoting a Strategic Mindset:
Many of us are taught to be ‘strategic’. We read, watch, and practice our way to becoming better at delivering great strategies for our organizations. One problem with this approach is that we view strategy development as an event instead of a posture, an unconscious way of doing organizational life that is based in good habits of thinking. This module provides tips on how to make “strategy” something that you do all the time instead of just every three years or so.
Transforming Conflict:
The purpose of this module is to enable participants to see conflict as an opportunity to create new solutions. The learning outcomes are:

  1. navigating effectively complex interpersonal interactions and situations,
  2. engaging in crucial conversations for improved understanding and harmony, and
  3. acquiring solution-based techniques through the practice of interest-based dispute resolution and collaborative engagement.
Leading Teams:
With a focus on shared leadership, team building, and optimizing talent, the purpose of this module is to go deeper into the unique leadership challenge of leading others. The learning outcomes are:

  1. building a successful team that is grounded in trust, shared leadership, collaboration, respect, and authenticity,
  2. increasing confidence in the learner’s ability to hold an authentic conversation that supports and promotes staff development, and
  3. enhancing the ability to think, plan, and execute strategically to achieve the goals and commitments of the strategic plan.
Leading Through Change:
If change is always present, what practices and mindsets should we have as leaders so we can make the most of the change that is inevitable. This module introduces you to the fundamentals of the change process and then takes you through a five step process you can use regardless of the type of change you encounter.
Building Community and Resilience with Your Virtual Team:
How do you promote connection, trust, and self-care for a team that is not physically connected but continues to have the same common mandate? Zoom and Google Meet can be used to effectively connect with your teams. This module introduces you to some tips and hacks to enhance your leadership from afar.
Transitioning into a New Role:
In this module, you will be introduced to the wonderful ideas of Michael Watkin as shared in his book, The First 90 Days. You will learn about common transition traps, simple but effective tips for a smooth job transition, and then create your own 90 day learning plan.
Systems Thinking:
Are you frustrated with the siloed nature of your organization? Do you wonder why, no matter how effective your team is, the same challenges persist? There is a good chance you are not adopting a systems thinking mindset. We belong to and participate in a system. When one part of the system changes (or doesn’t change) it impacts the rest of the system. Learn about how to apply systems thinking and begin tackling the root causes of your challenges.
Service and Operational Excellence:
We have all experienced good and poor service. We have seen examples of waste or a disconnect between what is promised by an organization and what is delivered. When we learn to empathize well with the people we serve and journey with them through our organizations, we discover where we have strengths and where we need to address challenges. Empathy increases service and operational excellence. This module introduces you to very practical tools you can use immediately to enhance service and operational excellence.
Zoom Best Practices:
The module provides very practical advice on how to use Zoom effectively so that participants and learners experience connection and community. You will be introduced to several helpful and free, complimentary collaboration tools that will diversify your virtual meeting or learning experience to address the multiple intelligences of your audience.

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