It’s about clarity and focus, right?


There are few things more important in our lives than the work we do.  Our work is a manifestation of our purpose – our life’s call.  It is an opportunity to do something important for ourselves, our families, and our community.

Chisel’s mission is to help organizations provide an environment where people can live out their calling with greater purpose and clarity.  Sometimes this means helping to set vision and strategy.  At other times it might mean helping parties manage conflict better or think about a challenge in a different way or offer some new knowledge to navigate a blockage experienced by a team.

As chisel’s primary consultant, I bring 20+ years of experience helping organizations achieve their mandates to serve their employees and their customers.  Is it time for another perspective and for some advice?

Chris brings a very positive team focus to all endeavors together with a very agile, inquisitive intellect that thrives on developing the constructs through to concrete actions. Chris’ core values drive his interactions and set an example for his peers.

Rob Goff, Director of Research, Echelon Wealth Partners

As a senior leader at World Vision, Chris demonstrated the remarkable combination of a strategic mind, creative thinking, and exceptional integrity–while also showing strong people skills and high emotional intelligence… Chris engaged deeply with our staff teams and ensured their voices were heard and insights shared. I highly recommend Chris as a leader, man of faith and strategic thinker.

Michael Messenger, President, World Vision Canada

Chris is extraordinarily gifted and skilled in multiple areas: as an analytical and critical thinker, as a clear and persuasive writer, as an effective and imaginative teacher, as a caring and insightful advisor, as a dynamic and meticulous project manager, and as a creative and resolute internal organizational entrepreneur. In addition, he is one of the most hardworking and diligent people with whom I have ever shared responsibilities, with a passion for the quality of the work he delivers, and close attention to the timeliness of his contributions.

Dr. Gideon Strauss, Associate Professor of Worldview Studies, Institute for Christian Studies

Chris has always demonstrated tremendous leadership skills, strategic insights and character. In leadership, Chris was able to lead a diverse team from across the organization to work together toward the development of our new strategy… I’ve known Chris to be someone of exceptional character with a deep passion and commitment for the work that he does.

TJ Grant, International Partnerships Director, World Vision New Zealand


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