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Lon Wong

Partner & Lead Consultant

Lon Wong is a human-centered leader, strategist, and coach. He has led faith communities, non-profits, and social enterprise startups. His most recent tenure was with World Vision Canada, where he held multiple leadership roles within public engagement, digital marketing, and strategy, as well as chairing the diversity, equity, and inclusion council. Lon currently also coaches and facilitates spaces for belonging, discovery, and strategic decision-making through the altMBA.

Lon is committed to seeing individuals, teams, and organizations become more human. He has led a national youth movement, launched multiple campaigns, and developed impact-driven programs, all with human-centered design at heart. He has coached leaders across sectors from local non-profits to the largest global tech companies to help them work through their toughest challenges. Lon has a Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Divinity, and a lifelong practitioner in nonviolent communication, marketing, leadership, coaching, and culture-building. He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his partner Yvonne and two daughters.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagements, planning meetings & leadership retreats
  • Leadership and Team Coaching
  • Speaking & Training on Organizational Change, Nonviolent Communication, Fundraising, Digital Media & Marketing, Creativity, Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and Workforce Wellbeing



  • 15+ years in Leadership, Training, Marketing, Community Development, Coaching, and Nonprofit Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering through McMaster University
  • Master of Divinity through Tyndale Seminary
  • altMBA Alumni & Coach
  • Certified SAFe Agile Leader
  • Marketing, Copy, and StorySkills Training through Akimbo
  • StoryBrand Marketer
  • Optimize / Heroic Certified Coach


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Trusted by these people

Lon helped come alongside our team as a consultant but has also helped us deliver tangible outcomes that have impacted our results and the way we operate. He has worked closely across multiple areas, including strategy, coaching staff, branding and communications, website redesign and enhancing our fundraising. Lon has a broad range of deep expertise while being empathetic and adaptable to our evolving needs. He has been instrumental in setting up our nonprofit for our next season of growth. I’d highly recommend Lon for any organization seeking strategy, coaching, fundraising and marketing support. 

Andrea White, Executive Director, JFJ Hope Centre

I am happy to recommend Lon as a high-potential leader with keen insights, outside-of-the-box thinking, and good communication skills. Lon grew during his time at World Vision, and his commitment to ongoing learning led to roles with increased responsibility and scope. I appreciated his commitment to the mission, as well as his personal values of faith, integrity and justice. I know Lon's skills will be an asset to others who are looking for a consultant.

Michael Messenger, President, World Vision Canada

I worked closely with Lon as he served as head coach for the altMBA program. Lon engages people and teams as humans first and fosters a culture of openness, inclusion, and growth. He has a gift for facilitation, strategic thinking, and bringing ideas to reality. Lon helps bring calm and clarity in times of volatility and uncertainty. He would be an excellent guide for any organization undergoing change. He is truly a joy to work with!

JaLeesa Beavers, Director, Akimbo Inc.

Lon has deep experience in all facets of marketing including campaigns, communications, creative, segmentation, product development, digital marketing and analytics. Lon is also a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion and helps cultivate environments where voices are heard and belonging is felt. He is adept at engaging teams, partners, and stakeholders in building clarity and alignment to drive meaningful results. Lon is a well-respected, insightful and strategic leader that would bring tremendous value to any organization.

Kevin Andrews, VP, World Vision Canada

I would like to share about our recent positive experience of having Lon help us in formulating our new strategic plan.

We are a well established organization that has served our community for 55 years. During the pandemic when the demand for our services sky-rocketed while resources remained severely limited, we were forced to once again ask the foundational questions about what is our “core business”. Lon led our Board of Directors and Senior Management Team through a strategic planning day in which he helped us to focus first on the all important question of “who we are” as a preamble to the question of “what we do”.

Lon’s “human first” approach lends very naturally to help us look at all our services through a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) lens. So often in DEI conversation organizations are made to feel guilty for what they are not doing, or not doing enough. Instead, Lon helped us rethink DEI not as a “checklist” of things to do, but a commitment to seeing every stakeholder in the organization as human first. His easy communication style, professional knowledge of our sector and facilitation skills helped all of us leave the session feeling hopeful for the good that we are capable of doing, and set our strategic planning process off on a positive note!

Alfred Lam, Executive Director, Centre For Immigrant & Community Services

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