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Few things are more important in our lives than the work we do. Our work is a manifestation of our purpose – our life’s call. It is an opportunity to do something important for ourselves, our families, and our community.

Chisel’s mission is to help organizations provide an environment where people can live out their calling with greater purpose and clarity. Sometimes this means helping to set vision and strategy. At other times it might mean helping parties manage conflict better, think about a challenge in a different way, or offer some new insight to navigate a blockage experienced by a team.

Is it time for another perspective and for some advice?

Chris Bosch & Lon Wong each bring 20+ years of experience helping organizations achieve their mandates in serving their staff, supporters, and stakeholders.

You can start with a four-hour executive-level discovery conversation where we help you discover what is most important to tackle right now. Or, if you're ready to dig in, we can guide you through the proven complete Chisel strategy development process including a multi-day excursion with your leadership team (and staff) to reimagine what's next for your organization.

How will your new goals and dreams be implemented?
We can help with that, too!

The Chisel Strategy Development Process

Each stage of the Chisel process is supported by templates and exercises that are designed
to pull the best from your team and result in a high quality plan.



It is essential to consult comprehensively and deeply among key stakeholders - staff, board, volunteers, community partners, clients, and members.



Together, we'll review the internal and external factors that are aiding or hampering your organization's ability to accomplish its mandate. We take a close look at your natural capacities and evaluate how they can be tuned to address the challenges of the people you serve.



Using design thinking principles, we can dream about the next possibilities and value-enhancing contributions of your organization that will delight the people you serve, including partners and staff.  This is usually done in a multi-day retreat setting with a planning team and can be accommodated to our online realities.



The final element is to put it all into a comprehensive plan that the staff, volunteers, leadership, and the board understand and to which they will make themselves accountable.

Other Specialty Areas

Are you dealing with a sticky team challenge?

Need to bring clarity to a problem that creates a distracting and unproductive environment?

Want to encourage a team to think differently about a product, a service or the industry because you want them to experience a breakthrough?

Design thinking can help with this.

Chisel can help you think about what is, what might be, what will wow, and what will ultimately work. Finding solutions that put your clients at the centre of the process will produce breakthrough moments for your team. The benefits are indisputable — an energized and engaged team, the possibility of a new approach, product or service while honouring your organization’s mandate and purpose.

There is an art and science to effective facilitation. If you're looking to draw out the very best in your team, board, or stakeholders, you'll want experienced and impartial facilitators to support you.

The Chisel team has successfully facilitated diverse groups through inclusive consultations, strategic hurdles, and retreats in many different settings.

You love the people you have in place, but they could use some ongoing support and development. Coaching can dramatically elevate clarity, productivity, and impact while supporting a leader's wellbeing and growth.

Chris & Lon are seasoned leaders who deeply understand the demands of organizational life and are adept at supporting leaders with both the hard and soft skills needed to succeed.

Has someone critical left the organization? Maybe it’s taking longer than expected to find the right candidate for a key role.

Interim leadership is one way to move a team forward and reduce your risks to investments, people and mandate without having to take on a full-time employee.

Chris has the practical experience and technical skill to read a situation quickly, put a plan in place and execute it while respecting the team dynamics and the organizational culture.

Conflict is not bad, but let’s be honest, it can be chaotic, disruptive and distracting. When reframed as difference among people who care deeply about the team, mission, or people being served, conflict is an opportunity to uncover new value for the organization.

Chisel uses alternative dispute resolution techniques tested and proven in places like the Middle East and with international treaties among multiple parties. Let Chisel help you transform your conflict into valuable opportunities.

Do you have a key project that requires a highly-qualified manager who can temporarily take the reins and pull the project to completion?

Do you require surge capacity from someone who doesn’t need a lot of orientation or hand-holding?

Chisel can help with this. Delegate your time-sensitive and value-driving project to a trusted manager while you figure out how to hand the project back to your internal teams.

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